Protestant Campus Ministry (PCM) to Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania is the sharing of the love of God through Jesus Christ.
It provides an ecumenical presence on campus, and endeavors to work in unity with other campus ministries and churches that support the Protestant Campus Ministry.
PCM provides a source of compassionate concern and dynamic fellowship, as a supportive resource to the students, faculty and staff of the Lock Haven University community.

The Protestant Campus Ministry at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania aspires:
•    To provide a source of Christian fellowship
•    To provide opportunities for faith-filled service to others
•    To address major social issues to stimulate spiritual, intellectual and moral growth
•    To encourage students to participate in the life of local churches
•    To bridge and unite the Lock Haven community, university and churches
•    To bring faculty, staff, administrators and students together in a common quest for religious faith
•    To provide opportunities for spiritually enriching and physically active retreat experiences
•    To be available for pastoral counseling and crisis support

Rev. Dr. Jeffery A. Seeley, Protestant Campus Minister
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Web site:
Phone: 570-244-8260
110 Akeley Lane
Lock Haven, PA 17745