This program is a 24-hour fasting event for youth which raises money to empower the poor and disempower unjust systems sustaining poverty in our world. he this program seeks to connect youth to the issues facing their sisters and brothers both in their immediate communities and around the world.

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2011 B1 projects

Bio-Intensive Agriculture Training Center (Kenya)- Advance # 14217A: Money given to this
project will help the center demonstrate, through practical examples, that smallholder farmers
can produce more nutritious food and increase family income by efficiently utilizing small land
units they own using appropriate simple organic farming methods.

Community health and agriculture development- CHAD (Cambodia)- Advance #14916A: This
project provides training in health, microloans, and entrepreneurial organization in Cambodia.

Jubilee Project (USA)- Advance # 781350: Jubilee project works with the people of Tennessee,
enhancing the abilities and opportunities with the tools and assets to be economically self-sufficient

Agro-ecological farming for formerly landless families (Brazil)- Advance # 3020559: This
project transforms local food systems by creating a sustainable livelihood and protecting the
environment in Brazil.

Katherine Parker, Missionary (Cambodia)- Advance # 15187Z: Ms. Parker works with CHAD,
the community health and agriculture development program in Cambodia.

Child Action Initiative (Democratic Republic of Congo)- Advance # 3021036: Child Action
Initiative develops wells, clinics, schools, and farms for HIV/AIDS-orphaned children and vulnerable women.