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Things You Will Need
3 or 4 Nerf type balls

How to Play
This is a great variation on dodgeball.
Divide your group into 2 teams. Have them gather at opposite ends of a large room. To begin the game toss 3 or 4 Nerf type balls into the air. Once the balls are in play, the students may “shoot” at one another.
When you are first hit you must either play on your knees or seated. The 2nd time you are hit you must play on your back or stomach. (During this time you should still be shooting.) With the 3rd hit you are
considered “dead” and must sit out until the next round. The team that has the last person standing wins.

Nerf Elimination - PDF

Things You Will Need
Plastic play balls
Bungee Cord
Elbow and Knee Pads (set of 4)
Masking Tape

How to Play
This is a play on the old board game “Hungry-Hungry Hippos”

Find a space that has 4 polls that form a rough square or rectangle and tape a circle in the middle (If you don’t have a space like this you will need to find a sturdy anchor to wrap the bungee cord around). Wrap the cord around the pool or anchor and the other end around the participants waist with something like a slipknot. You may have to experiment to get the right amount of tension so that the participants can run towards the center but is “pulled” back to the pool or anchor. It’s somewhat of an art and you will probably need to experiment with your leaders prior to playing this activity.

In the center where you have placed the circle, put a whole bunch of plastic play balls. The goal is for the player to grab as many balls as they can from the center circle until all the balls are gone from the center.

They can only grab balls from the center circle. Any balls outside the circle do not count.

This game is rather extensive to set up and play so you may want to make this an activity that you do for
a lock-in or some other special event.

Human Hungry-Hungry Hippos - PDF

Things You Will Need

How to Play
This mixer stresses cooperation (and a knack for spelling).

Pin a large card bearing a letter of the alphabet to each member’s sleeve. Give each person a 3 x 5 note card and a pencil. The goal is for the people with the letters on their sleeves to get together and spell words. Once you spelled word, everyone who was involved in spelling the word writes the word on their 3 x 5 note card. Then they separate and look for new people to spell out new words.

Award a prize to the person with the longest list of words and/or special prize to the members involved in making the longest word.

Co-Op Spelling - PDF