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Things You Will Need
A pumpkin per team
A bed sheet per team

How to Play
Divide each team in half. Have half the team members stand at the starting line and the remaining half at
the other end of the relay area. Give the first player on each team a pumpkin and the bed sheet. On the
signal "ready, set, boo," the first player on each team must place the sheet over himself or herself like a
ghost and carry the pumpkin to the first runner on his or her team at the other end of the area. The runner
must take the pumpkin, put it on the sheet and return to the waiting runner at the starting line. Repeat this
process until all team members have stolen the pumpkin.

Snack Idea
Serve pumpkin pie with whipping cream for a snack

Stolen Pumpkin - PDF

Things You Will Need
Several pumpkins

How to Play
This is a great competitive team sports for Halloween.

Give each team (2 or 3 people per team) a pumpkin and a sharp knife. Then give each team only one minute to cut that pumpkin into more than 10 pieces. Ask the teams to rotate to a different pumpkin.

Have a supply of round wooden toothpicks. Give each team 2 minutes to put it “jigsaw puzzle pumpkin” back together, using the toothpick to hold the pieces in place.

The first team done or the team with the most “together” pumpkin after the time limit is the winner. Pumpkins must be able to stand up on their own to be considered a winner.

Jigsaw Jack-O'-Lanterns - PDF

Things You Will Need
A pumpkin for each team that you have (pumpkin should be approximately the same size)
A chair

How to Play
This is a weird game for your Halloween get together.

Divide the group into teams of four. Give each team a pumpkin of approximately the same
size. For each team, place a chair 20 feet away.

The object is for each team representative to push his or her pumpkin around his or her
team’s chair and then to the next player on the team. The first team to have all four players
finish, is the winner.

Here’s the catch: the players may only use their hips to push the pumpkin while doing the
crabwalk sideways.

Pumpkin Push - PDF