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Things You Will Need

How to Play
Start with a color. Go around the room as fast as you can for each person to name something that is that
color. Allow no more than three seconds to think. If a person cannot name something s/he is out of that
round. Play until you have a winner for each color.

The Color Game - PDF

Things You Will Need
Name Tags (you can substitute Post-it notes)

How to Play
Have everyone write their name on the name tag (legibly) and then collect all the nametags. Then you are
going to tell them that they are going to get a name stuck on their forehead and instruct everyone not to
give it away because the purpose is to figure out who is stuck to therefore head.

So carefully make sure that each student gets a name tag stuck on their forehead (remember don’t let
them see who it is) then have them pair up and play rock, paper, scissors (or whatever variation of that)
and the winner then gets to ask just one question to their partner to help them discover who they may
have on their forehead.

Play for a few rounds of this then have them circle up and go around and have each person say who they
think is on therefore head. If they are not sure-have them ask one question at a time to the group until
they discover who it is.

Simple questions that they may ask:
“Is it a girl?”
“Are they tall?”
“Are they blonde?”
“Are they wearing glasses?”

Alternative: pick famous people instead of actual people in the room

Tips: if you have a large group-break it into smaller groups for when they go around and say who they
are. Also make sure the other students don’t give it away when the person ask questions about who is on
their forehead (by looking add to it actually is etc.). Try to keep answers to only yes or no-do not have
descriptive answers or it becomes easy to find out. Also, keep your questions positive about the person
you are asking about.

Guess Who I Am - PDF

Things You Will Need

How to Play
One person stands in the center of a circle with their eyes covered. The Youth Minister designates
someone in the circle to be the leader without the person in the center seeing who it is. The person in the
center uncovers their eyes while the whole circle begins to clap their hands. The leader can change what
the group is doing at anytime (hopping on one foot, swinging arms, running in place, waving one hand,
pulling on one ear, etc.) Everyone follows the leader's action. The objection is for the person in the center
to discover who is the leader. If the leader is guessed, that person gets in the center and the game is
played again with another designated leader.

Find the Leader - PDF