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Things You Will Need
Styrofoam Pool Noodle

How to Play
This game can be played inside or outside but the boundaries for the playing field must be clearly communicated to the group. Have one, two or three be "it" depending on the size of the group. Cut a styrofoam pool noodle in half or use two pieces of foam pipe insulation available at any hardware store.

The person who is "it" holds one piece of styrofoam (about 18" long) in each hand and chases people within the boundaries. The person who is "it" attempts to hit people below the knees with either piece of styrofoam. When someone is tagged, they hold hands with the person who tagged them and with their outside hands each holds a piece of the styrofoam. They are now both "it." They chase after other players. As they tag people they hold their hands and pass the insulation to the outside person on each end of the line. The object is to be the last person tagged.

Elephant Stampede - PDF

Things You Will Need

How to Play
Find out who the stompers are in your group with this one.

Divide your group into two teams. Lineup each team from shortest to tallest. Then count off (1, 2, 3,…).

Each member blows up a balloon and ties it around his or her ankle with a piece of string. Call out a
number. The two players with that number come to the center of the room and try to stomp each other’s
balloon. If you stomp your opponent’s balloon first, your team gets a point. Repeat this process until all
have played. The team with the greatest number of points wins.

Balloon Stomp - PDF

Things You Will Need
A box of tinsel

How to Play
This is a fantastic Christmas game. Divide the group into pairs and then give each pair a piece of tinsel.

The first partner holds the piece above the other's head. On "go," the first partner drops the piece of tinsel
and it is the job of the other partner to blow air at it, always keeping it above the floor while moving it
across the room.

After partners cross the room, they switch off and blow the piece of tinsel back to the starting point. No
hands allowed.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tinsel - PDF