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Things You Will Need

How to Play
Everyone squats down and takes hold of his or her own ankles firmly. On “go,” each person tries to bump
everyone else over without letting go of his or her ankles. If anyone is caught with hands not holding
ankles, he or she is automatically out. The object of the game is to bump everyone else over while
remaining upright. There can be only one winner.
This is a great game for any time of year and is filled with loads of laughs.

Bumper Bods - PDF

Things You Will Need
A list of trivia questions (could be from the Bible, sports, about the church, etc.)

How to Play
Have the youth line up into two lines facing each other and the person across from them will be their partner for the game. Have one of the 2 partners line up on the starting line and the other partner will stand at the “finish line” at the other end of the room which is actually the ½ way mark where the partners will switch roles.

After the youth are in their spots, explain that when you say “green light” they may run toward their partner and when you say “red light” they must stop and then the partner at the other end has to answer a trivia question correctly before they can go forward and you will tell them how many steps they can go.

The leader will whisper the question to each partner at the ½ way mark and they will whisper the answer to you. If they answer correctly, the partner at the starting line will be able to advance however many steps each question is worth. (Ask the same question all the way down the line, and then start with a new question when you go back to the 1st person).

When the “runner” gets to their partner at the ½ way mark, they switch places and they become the “brains” of the team and the one who has been answering the questions becomes the runner.

The winning team is the one that makes it back to the starting line first. If time allows, play more than once. How much time the game takes may depend upon how large the room is where you are playing.

Trivia Red Light/Green Light Game - PDF

Things You Will Need
Bubble gum (a large quantity)

How to Play
Your group can have a blast with bubblegum.

Game #1
Have a bubblegum contest and award prizes for:
· The largest bubble
· The Loudest bubble pop
· The largest number of bubbles inside each other
· The person who gets the most gum all over his or her face.

Issue a challenge to see who can chew the most pieces of bubblegum at one time.

Game #2
Play Bubble Gum Tag. “It” tags people out by bursting their bubbles.

Game #3
Have a blindfolded panel of experts rate various brands of bubble gum on taste, chew-ability, and expansive qualities (how big a bubble it makes).

Bubble Gum Blast - PDF