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Things You Will Need

How to Play
This is a great icebreaker or during a transition to freshen your students up.

Form two teams and have the teams be at least 10 feet apart facing each other. Identify one of the teams “Heads” and the other team Tales”. Then take a coin and say something like: “When I toss this coin and it says “Heads”-the “Heads” team has five seconds to laugh as loud as they can while the “Tales” team can’t laugh or smile.” This procedure goes for the same if it lands on “Tales”-the “Tales” team has five seconds to laugh as loudly as they can to try and get the “Heads” team to laugh or smile.

Some other variations can be:
 · Crying
 · Coughing
 · Funny Faces
 · Sneezing
 · Yawning

It’s also fun to do youth leaders versus students as well.

Don’t Laugh - PDF

Things You Will Need
 1 Rubber chicken (preferably one with a noisemaker)
    Basketball court with 2 hoops
 2 Large sticks (broomstick or something similar)

How to Play
You will be playing basketball using a rubber chicken, (which seems kind of obvious considering the
name!?) You will split into two equal teams. The point of course is to score points by getting the chicken
through the hoop. You cannot of course dribble the chicken so the game becomes a game of passing and
keeping possession of the chicken.

These rules are similar to those of Ultimate Frisbee:
· Passing: players only have two steps then they must pass or shoot.

· Scoring: it is one point if the chicken goes through the hoop and gets stuck; two points if the chicken makes it through both the hoop and net.

· Possession: players must pass to each other after only two steps, if the chicken touches the ground it changes possession..

· Boundaries: there are no out of bounds, unless you would like to make them for your group.

· Fouls: (Ha!…Because it is a chicken!?): There is no grabbing, pushing, or tackling. There is zero physical contact otherwise there is “Jump Chicken”. A “Jump Chicken” is called when there is a foul or when two players of opposing teams are in possession of the chicken. The chicken is tossed up between the two players in order to regain possession for the team.

· Large sticks or brooms: to help you knock down stuck chickens.
You get the idea…create rules that best fit your group, area, and time. If you don’t have a basketball court or basketball hoops, use large buckets, boxes, or even clean garbage cans. It can be played indoors or outdoors.

Enjoy and play safe

Rubber Chicken Basketball - PDF

Things You Will Need
A couple of bags of cotton balls
A Jar of Vaseline

How to Play
Here’s a game that’s fun to play and fun to watch.
Give each member the chance to carry cotton balls across a line and drop them. The person who carries the greatest number of cotton balls across the line in 30 seconds is the winner. Sounds easy? Well, there’s a catch. The cotton balls may be carried only on the nose.

Here’s how it works. Each member smears some Vaseline on his or her nose. On their hands and knees, members poke their nose into cotton balls on the floor. When they get a cotton ball to stick they crawl a couple of feet to the line and disengage the cotton ball by blowing. Hands may be used only for moving.

The game may be played individually or with teams as a relay.

Cotton Nose Blowers - PDF