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Set up
- divide your group between 2 and 4 teams
- blowup a 7" diameter balloon and tie off the end (one for each person except the last person)
- make up a sheet with various body parts and have each participant pull one body part (except last person in line)

Objective: Teens connect with balloons between each pair. As the "giant organism" each team must raise up and around the end times and back to the store on. If the balloon falls-the whole group must stop and reset-then keep on going.

Point Maker
Read 1 Corinthians 12:12
   1) How are we like many parts that form one body?
   2) What would have happened in our game if we hadn't worked together?
   3) What happens in life when we don't work together?

Balloon Crunch - PDF

  Active, all-engaging game -- fun way to get a group physically and mentally alert
  Handy precursor to activities on teamwork and cooperation

Things yo need: Requires large space
 A creative team variation of "Rock, Paper Scissors"
Teach everyone the following three characters:
        Giant - Tip-toes, raise hands above head, curl fingers, growling sounds
        Wizard - Crouch slightly, wave and point a magic wand, shouting "kazaam!"
        Elf - On haunches, hands cupped for big ears, shrill screeching noises

How to Play: Give people plenty of practice by calling out the characters and having them instantly become that character - offer lots of positive encouragement for dramatic effort
Form two teams - each team convenes to decide on a character
Teams then line up facing each other (use a rope on the ground to separate teams).  Have  ~ 4 feet between teams.
Facilitator dramatically announces "1....2.....3.....", then teams adopt their poses,  revealing their identity
Immediately, the winning characters (team) must chase the losing team and try to capture (tag) as many as possible       

Giant wins by 'squishing' an Elf
Elf wins by 'outwitting' a Wizard
Wizard wins by 'zapping' a Giant
Identical characters are a draw
The losing characters try to reach a "safe zone" (e.g., over another rope) about 30-60 feet away without being captured
Teams then reconvene and decide on their next character
Continue until one team entirely consumes the other

Giants, Wizards, and Elves - PDF

A cane, baseball bat or stick is given to the first player on each team. Upon the signal to go he places the end of the stick upon the ground, holding the stick in a vertical position, and places the center of his forehead on the upper end of the stick. In this position, he circles around the stick three times and then runs forward to the distance line and returns, handing the stick to the next player on his team behind the base line. The second player places his forehead upon the stick and repeats the performance of the first, as does every other player on the team. The last man ends the race by crossing the base line.

Dizzy Izzy - PDF


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