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Things You Will Need
Shaving cream
Box or tub to place balloons in

How to Play
This game is a great upfront game that builds some excitement and is a fun way to gather students and get your night started.

Select 5 volunteers. Have each volunteer sit in a chair facing the crowd. Blindfold each volunteer. Have an adult leader pass in front of the student volunteers holding a box with 5 inflated balloons in it. The volunteers will each grab one as the leader passes by. One of the 5 balloons will contain shaving cream inside it (yep).

After the students have their balloon, the game leader says go! The 5 volunteers then simultaneously pop their balloons. One volunteer will be covered with shaving cream. He or she is now out of the game. Remove the messy volunteer and repeat the same process with the remaining 4 students. Remember to keep them blindfolded.

Keep going until only 1 volunteer remains. He or she is the winner. Have some type of prize for him or her
for playing.

TIPS: If you have a large group, you may want to use live video to cue in on the volunteer that has the loaded balloon. This ensures that every kid in the room can see the response of the shocked student. Also, you will want to use darker colored balloons to mask which one has the shaving cream and to keep from anybody that might be cheating. Don’t fill up the balloon too much because that will be a dead giveaway to the volunteers to not choose that particular balloon.

To Make Sure The Game Is Quick and Smooth Avoid The Following:
  · Taking too long to choose the students
  · Taking too long to blindfold them
  · Not having the correct number of balloons already inflated and filled with shaving cream. Make sure to make extras of both the air filled and air/cream filled balloons. The last thing you want is to run out of balloons in the middle of the game because you did not prep a few extras!

Russian Roulette Balloon Pop - PDF

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