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Things You Will Need

How to Play
How well do you know the mystery voices in your group? Try this game to find out.

The group sits in a circle in chairs with a blindfolded person in the middle. The person in the middle carries a pillow. He or she finds someone’s lap. Then he or she puts the pillow on the person’s lap and says “Ducky-Wucky.” This person must try to disguise his or her voice and say “Ducky-Wucky” back. The blindfolded person must then tried to guess who lap they are sitting in. If he or she guesses right, then that person is “it.”

Ducky-Wucky - PDF

Things You Will Need
A bag of carrots

How to Play
Have everyone form a circle. Place a carrot between the knees of the tallest person; he or she must pass the carrot to the knees of the person to the left, without using hands. This continues until the carrot has traveled around the circle. Then break off a piece of the carrot and send it around again. If a person drops the carrot, he or she is out of the game. The last person left is the winner. Give him or her a prize for winning.

Pass the Carrot - PDF

Things You Will Need
Kickball type ball

How to Play
Basic games are fun, sometimes crazy variations are even more fun. Variations can include handicapping the players or changing the rules (or both).

Here’s a rule change version of kickball that young people enjoy:
   1) Instead of running from first to 2nd to 3rd, you must run from 3rd to 2nd and then to 1st.
   2) Only flying balls are acceptable; all grounders (kicks below waist level) are out.
   3) You do not get an out when you’re flyball is caught.
   4) Either play the regular 3 outs per side or set a time limit with no restrictions on out’s.

It takes the students a while to get use to running the bases backwards and remember that when a flyball is call the kicker isn’t out. This is a good Lame Game both to play and watch. Why not invite parents for the fun? For more fun apply these lame rules to other base games such as softball and baseball.

Lame Game - PDF

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