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By Evan Drexler

On of my favorite positions that I hold is serving as the conference Youth representative on the Mission central board of managers. Mission Central is an organization that was started back in 2002 that exists in partnership with many Northeast conferences and mission organizations such as UMCOR. It also aids in relief actions when help is needed by making and sending out things like health kits, school kits, flood buckets and more.

Mission Central also participates in other ongoing ministries such as Computer ministries, a ministry that collects donated computers and refurbishes/recycles them for other ministries that may be in need of them, and New Digs, a program that provides needy families with gently used furniture and other household goods. In addition, Mission Central does quite a bit for mission education.

We just recently had a very successful Marketplace in Ministries event, a yard sale and activities fair featuring games for the kids, massages, music, and more. It was a lot of fun and we raised a good amount of money and awareness for organizations like V.I.M. and Nothing but Nets. Also, throughout the year we have several mission fairs that raise awareness for these and other mission organizations, the theme of which, for this year, will be centered on African Ministries such as the Sierra Leone Initiative, Africa’s Hope, and the Africa University.

The website, www.missioncentral.org, has more information on all the ministries Mission Central aids in as well as any news or events coming up. Also, there’s this great little thing they do called God Moments. They’re just these little blurbs about experiences where people have seen God and some of them can be pretty inspirational. In addition, Mission Central allows groups to come in Monday through Saturday and help with the making of the kits and whatever other ministry may have need. For more info on that see volunteering on the web site. Mission central does so much to help the community both locally and globally and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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