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By: Annabelle Hayes

The Mission of Peace trip to India has really impacted me in many ways. It has taught me so much, not only about the people of India but about myself. I don’t really know if I can begin to describe just one thing, but something that has really stood out for me is the amazing people in India.
Everywhere you go there are smiling faces and people just so excited to meet us and welcome us in any way they can. The people here are so hospitable even though they might not have much they are willing to give us what they have just to make sure we feel happy and welcome. The people showed me here that you don’t need nice clothes and a big house, as long as you have God and those lasting relationships.

These people don’t worry about what is going to happen tomorrow, but the moment they are in and they thank God that they have enough to live. I just hope that we can begin to see and appreciate what we have and that we don’t always need those materialistic things to make us happy. What we have in life is more than enough to live.

Seeing the slums really surprised me and opened my eyes to many things, to think that there are 1 million people living per one square mile and that one person has an area of five by seven to live. It hurts but also gives me hope that you can go to a place like that and see all these people living day to day as it comes when all we can do is worry about having the best things for ourselves. When in reality none of that really matters. It’s the long lasting relationships of the people we have in life that will really carry you through, and the love of God we share with others.

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